The Awakened Designer

I love the natural world and the life that it brings forth. And my chosen profession as an Industrial Designer is basically destroying life on Earth. How do I resolve this conflict I am experiencing from within? How do I reconcile the relationship between industry and the natural environment?

This blog, The Awakened Designer, is a collection of my writings and images that focus on this transition I am experiencing. The journey is new territory for me. I’m on a new path. Are there others out there who are also dealing with this transformation? Are you questioning what humans are doing to our beloved Earth. Are you conflicted by our need to consume more goods knowing these products are trashing the planet? Do you know how damaging our transportation system is to the environment?  Do you even care?

The Awakened Designer is for anyone wondering how to break away from the collective mainstream mindsets and think alternatively in directions that are more conducive to nurturing life instead of extinguishing it. When we awake to this reality we experience the innate ability to observe, make connections, and respond to these challenges with compassion and understanding. With a deep-rooted appreciation for nature and natural systems, we must consider ways to implement empathetic practices. We must invite and initiate activities, projects, teachings, and solutions that focus on a balanced relationship with the Earth and all of life on it. With a heightened sense of understanding relative to this big picture, we are capable of developing solutions that are in harmony with the world and the environment.

Everyone can participate in this transformation. Anyone can experience new senses of awakening. Making deeper connections with nature is critical in this journey of discovery. Additionally, Industrial Designers are uniquely positioned since we have intimate knowledge relating to the mass production of consumer products, which can be highly destructive when linked to the bigger scheme of consumerism. This perspective is worth sharing. Learning about this process can be enlightening.

There are better approaches to design and life through an awakened perspective that is synchronized with nature. Today the media focuses largely on climate change and politics, however the actual damage being done by humans through consumption is massively under addressed. What we need now more than ever is the courage to take a different approach to this mainstream thinking. This blog centers on my journey through this transformation from my unique perspective.


Brigid O’Kane  |  |  ©2018 All Rights Reserved

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