Meaningful Work

Within this context of a very complex world, how do we navigate a career path and life path that allows us time to do meaningful work? How do we find time to figure out where we are within this bigger system so we can make decisions about what direction we should be moving towards for a fulfilling life and career? How do we find different paths that enable us to follow our bliss and to live more closely to what we value most?

Pivotal life changing events and moments of aha help us to understand ourselves on a deep level. These occurrences have profound transformative affects and offers insight as we travel our unique journey of life. Also, there are ways for us to keep an eye on the big picture of our surroundings that influence how our lives are structured. Tools for seeing this broader view of complex systems will be introduced. Once you have seen this bigger picture there is no hiding from finding a path to a more meaningful existence. This path can be an antidote to the numbness of the day-to-day grind and a conduit towards an awakened the mind.


Brigid O’Kane  |  |  ©2018 All Rights Reserved

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