Drawing as Mindfulness

Every Monday evening, I have the privilege to teach Drawing as Mindfulness at Manifest Drawing Center. Participants in this course have mixed backgrounds, some have never drawn before while others have a great deal of creative expertise. Each night I introduce a themed agenda which links a specific ‘Principle of Opposites’ to a selected mindfulness practice. This sets up the conversation for the evening.

While students are drawing, they are encouraged to check in with themselves to notice what they are experiencing during the creative process. This is significant, because who we are being during the creative process is just as important as the final product. After teaching this course for so many months I have witnessed over and over again that what shows up for my students during the creative process is also how they show up in life. If we are frustrated while drawing we may discover we are constantly telling ourselves non-encouraging thoughts. If we are open to the creative flow we can recognize the process of drawing as an enjoyable journey of discovery.

If we look at this more closely we realize our approach to the creative process reveals a new sense of awareness that relates to how we approach life. What we resist or accept during the process of drawing is actually a pattern that repeats in many areas of our life. When we become aware of this, we are unknowingly given an invitation to take the first step in a new direction. No matter where you are with your drawing experience, this practice opens previously obscured interior pathways and invites you to see new insights that can evolve your creative path and your journey in life.

Brigid O’Kane  |  brigid.okane@me.com  |  ©2018 All Rights Reserved


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