Transformation and Life

I have often witnessed opportunities being passed on to younger employees because, for some reason, people assume that the youth need the experience. Perhaps we expect people with more years of experience to be ‘set in their ways’ and not as open to embracing new prospects. Think of all the books, articles, and research reports out there reminding us how humans in general resist change, especially people with many years behind them. But this isn’t necessarily the truth. The Law of Impermanence reminds us that all things change. Impermanence is an undeniable reality of our existence.

Our first astonishing transformation happens when our spiritual being merges with our physical bodies. Then, we are birthed into this world. This is truly something to behold. Over 13 years ago, I witnessed my daughter’s entry into this world and since then every day brings something new. She evolves and faces new challenges all the time. For parents, the transformation process that takes place when we bring a living being into the world is miraculous. For many of us it is difficult to grasp the significance of this transformation. But if you step back and think about it we would all be better off if we placed more value on these life-giving energies which shape us and ultimately sustains us.

As we journey through life we experience transformations in various forms. The loss of a job or accepting a new one, marriage or divorce, healing from an illness or dealing with an injury from an accident, launching a non-profit or facing retirement. In these seasonal changes that happen upon our timeline of life we have the choice to evolve or devolve. When transformation materializes so abruptly it can toss us through life in such a way that we feel as if we are smashed to pieces. We fall apart. At these moments hopefully, we can find the wisdom to put ourselves back together in a way that encourages positive growth. Either way, if or when the pieces come back together they are never really the same.

I recently spent considerable time with my family in Michigan when my Dad, who at 90 years old, went into the hospital for three weeks. Towards the end of his stay he agreed that both he and Mom would move into assisted living. On June 08, 2018 he left the hospital after extensive physical therapy. Also on that day, my amazing family moved their essential belongings into a great facility. That evening after my parents had dinner they went to their apartment and saw their somewhat familiar home for the first time. Words cannot describe the transformation they experienced. My entire family transformed on that day.

What prepares us for the ultimate transformation, when we experience the great disappearance? When we exit stage left and never come back? When our physical body no longer holds life and our spiritual being goes into the black?

Life’s transformations are ongoing, throughout life. Life and transformation are inseparable. It makes no sense to resist this.

And don’t be so arrogant to assume this only happens to us privileged humans. Life in all forms transforms. Life beyond the human community transforms us. These shifts happen in unique ways along the curves of life’s river as we move through our shifting seasons. These moments alter us. They deserve our focused attention and understanding to help us learn to evolve to higher places. To do this we must learn to appreciate life’s transformations in ourselves, in others, and in all living beings on Earth.


Brigid O’Kane  |  |  ©2018 All Rights Reserved

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