Drawing Silent Communications

Drawing is a word used in many different contexts, depending on the speaker’s perspective. This is not insignificant. It is essential to distinguish exactly what any individual means when using the word drawing. Creating a drawing includes mark making to construct a visual expression on a picture plane. It is also an invitation for us to participate in seeing the world from a different point of view. The act of drawing and viewing drawings helps us translate our physical, intellectual, and emotional experiences, which gives meaning to our existence.

Other disciplines including literature, philosophy, psychology, history, and physiology also give us reference points to help us interpret how and why we exist. We use various means at our disposal to unravel these underlying mysteries that aid us in understanding what it all means. Creative practices, in all of its infinite variety, supports us on this journey. Drawing rests at the center of this ceaseless inquiry. The discipline of drawing offers us a window of opportunity to see the world as it is. From this vantage point we perceive a broader understanding. We unite together individual components into a web of connectedness.

Drawings express that which cannot be said in words, yet it has a language of its own. It provides a common ground for engaging in a wordless conversation that links the artist, the drawing, and the viewer. Drawings provokes our intellect and stirs our innermost stagnant emotions. They touch us deeply in a way that is ineffable, while at the same time they quietly call us to participate in a hushed exchange with the cavernous chambers of the heart. These silent communications are as intimate as a healing touch, as moving as the surge in the ocean, and as powerful as a rush of inspiration. In moments like this words fail us.

For these reasons, and many more, I teach Drawing as Mindfulness every Monday evening at Manifest Drawing Center. Words are not adequate to describe this experience.  It is humbling to witness the transformation that takes place within those who participate. For me, as the author of each session, I put a great deal of energy into creating a wonderful experience for all. During the process of preparing, I become a conduit as images, poems, quotes, lessons, principles, and much more ‘come to me.’ Through the repeated experience of channeling this flow, and having drawn my entire life, I now engage with the world around me at an entirely new elevation. Silent conversations are everywhere.

I have a sincere desire to live in a world where people truly love and accept the magic and splendor of these quiet creative exchanges. They connect what we see with the heart, soul, and hand. This changes us. It shapes us. Translation of these silent communications is powerful and inspires us to grow from within so we engage with creation in a nurturing and creative way.



Brigid O’Kane  |  brigid.okane@me.com  |  ©2019 All Rights Reserved


2 comments on “Drawing Silent Communications

  1. You have some wonderful word usage in this piece. “cavernous chambers of the heart” – wow, love it. “ineffable” – a $100 word!!
    Also there are a couple of verb-noun pairs that need agreement in number. Need an editor? Ha ha ha!


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